FLIP is a company made up of professional musicians and producers with vast experience in the field of music composition, sound design, and audio post-production. In our palette of sounds and unique way of approaching every project, we count on the support of an extensive awarded group of artists.
instrumentalists, singers, voice talents, actors, producers, and orchestrators have a crucial impact on what FLIP offers to their clients.

FLIP studio hosts in Medellin -Colombia, embracing its international clients to visit a unique location that is well known for being surrounded by beautiful landscapes and friendly people. Our creative approach is reflected in everything we do, encompassing the profound qualities that make music the best instrument to evoke emotions and enhance stories.

Meet our Talents


Camilo Posada

Founder / Composer and Producer

Camilo is a composer and producer with a degree in composition from EAFIT University. with more than 20 years of experience, Camilo has been crafting projects, ranging from film-scoring, sound design, digital media, and audio postproduction. Well-known artists, agencies, and companies are among his clients.



Simon Alzate

Sound designer and producer

Simón is a multi-instrumentalist composer and producer with 2 years of study in the Arts of recording and music production at ITM University.   During his career Simón has been working in diverse art-related areas, that goes from sound design, music composition, foley, and design.



Camila Agudelo

Executive Producer

Camila Agudelo estudied audiovisual comunications. During her carreer she has been working as a producer designer and executive producer of several movies, commercials, tv series and short films. In Flip Studios she owns the numbers and its responsible of supervising internal process and budget.



David Ospina

Composer and producer


Nancy Ortiz

Administrative Assistant


Pedro Mejía

Allied Composer